Preschool Learns About Good Nutrition!

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“Preschool has made some astounding discoveries as we study ways to be healthy.

First, we discovered there are many different kinds of foods and they are all different colors. We decided one way to be healthy = EAT A RAINBOW of foods!

We then investigated the amount of food that we eat. Using our “patented” HUNGRY AND FULL METERS, we learned that our body will tell us when we are hungry or full. This was scientifically tested in our snack lab.

Lastly, our food experts FILLED THEIR FRIDGE with lots of yummy and healthy foods that created a perfectly balanced meal using foods from all of the food groups.

The Preschool nutritionists have had lots of fun learning about one way to be healthy in this New Year and to celebrate made their own SHAPE PIZZAS. Oh, yum!

Stay tuned for more new discoveries from Preschool!”

Mrs. Hellmann and Mrs. Jeffers




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