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    Staff Directory.

    Mrs. Dawn Pickerill

    Mr. Evan Dobrozsi
    Director of Facilities

    Mrs. Karen Stewart

    Mrs. Jessica Terrill
    Third Grade

    Mrs. Alicia Carter
    Third Grade

    Mrs. Courtney Remsing
    Fourth Grade

    Ms. Alexandria Raeburn

    Mrs. Stephanie Stacy
    First Grade

    Mrs. Julie Earls
    First Grade

    Mrs. Kimberly Carnevale
    Second Grade

    Ms. Carla Knapke
    Second Grade

    Mrs. Becky Lankheit
    Finance Manager

    Mrs. Allison Wolf
    School Nurse

    Mrs. Karen Bender

    Mrs. Rebecca Lewis
    Spanish K-8

    Miss Amy Brinkman
    Fourth Grade

    Mrs. Mary Joseph
    Physical Education

    Mrs. Holly Fedders
    Fifth Grade

    Ms. Stephanie Gosser
    Fifth Grade

    Ms. Michelle Schraer
    Intervention Specialist

    Mr. Yusuf Polley
    Assistant Facilities Manager

    Mrs. Peggy Fairbanks
    Executive Assistant

    Mrs. Terri Mulhall

    Mrs. Alina Gohlke
    Grade 8 Language Arts and Religion

    Mrs. Kathryn Hill
    Seventh Grade Religion and Language Arts

    Mrs. Katlyn Simcoe
    Junior High Science

    Mrs. Mandy Trinkley
    Junior High Math

    Mrs. Joy Friday
    Music & Band

    Mrs. Tara Tipton
    Health and PE

    Mrs. Anita Scheibert
    Intervention Specialist

    Mrs. Heather Hall
    Intervention Specialist

    Mrs. Katie Umberg
    Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Kathryn Sokol
    Grade 6 & 7 Language Arts

    Mrs. Maria Jeffers
    Preschool Teacher

    Mrs. Dot Crisp
    Preschool Teacher

    Mrs. Cari Hellmann

    Mrs. JLMartinez
    Junior High Social Studies

    Ms. MaryAnn Beranek
    Gifted Program

    Ms. Ellie Carpenter
    Speech Intervention Room 103

    Mrs. Teri Lacey
    Junior High Math