It’s never easy to move your children into a new school.  As a parent, you pray the other students will be accepting of your “newcomer.”  You hope your child will not feel lost in a routine with which other students are familiar and you do your best to make your child feel comfortable in a new environment.  In August, 2012, these were my concerns as I sent my son to St. John XXIII for his first day of 2nd grade.

As we complete our second year as a St. John XXIII family, I couldn’t be more thrilled (and relaxed).  I realize now, although we were quite pleased with our previous district, there are tremendous benefits to being a part of this school.  First and foremost, the number of students in each grade is ideal.  Teachers and administrators are keenly aware of every student’s ability and can adapt accordingly.  This reassures me that whether my child desires more of a challenge or requires further clarification on a topic, his educational needs are fully being met.  Socially, the intimate class size has allowed my son to build quality friendships.  In our previous district, given the enormous number of students, each year my son was virtually in a “new” class.  In that situation, it may have been far more difficult to make “friends” at a young age.

Another benefit to being a part of St. John XXIII is the exceptional education I know my children are receiving.  The curriculum is challenging and as a result, I know my sons and daughter will be best prepared for high school and college. Furthermore, there is constant communication from all the teachers who instruct my children.  I am well informed on what is being taught, when assignments are due and when tests will be given.  The weekly newsletter from Mrs. Pickerill allows me to see the greater picture of what’s happening at St. John XXIII.

Finally, I truly look forward to afternoon pickup at the school.  The brief time in the parking lot gives me the opportunity to catch up with other parents.  My husband and I have made wonderful friends through the school.  St. John XXIII, isn’t just a community – it’s a family, and we are so honored to be a part of it!

-Betsy Hanavan, mother of three St. John XXIII Falcons

When we chose to send our youngest child to St. John XXIII for Pre-K, it was our intent to have him join his three older siblings at another local Catholic elementary school the following year.  We never would have dreamed after a few short months we would make the decision to transfer our older children to St. John XXIII.  The well-rounded, rigorous curriculum and variety of extra-curricular activities were impressive, but what truly captivated us was the clear evidence of the inclusion of Christian values into daily student life.  Mrs. Pickerill is a very hands-on, involved principal who, along with the faculty and staff, was completely accessible to us even before we enrolled our children.  We are confident the St. John XXIII family is the best environment in which we can educate our children.

-Mrs. Stephens, mother of four St. John XXIII Falcons