The Stewardship Fundraising Program is the school’s central fundraising effort. The funds generated from the stewardship fundraising program go into the general fund. They help cover general operating expenses, such as salaries, building payment, utilities, etc. These items would otherwise have to be covered by large increases in tuition. The program is designed to generate revenue in a way that is easier on a family’s budget than substantial tuition increases.

Stewardship Requirements.

Each family is required to participate and reach a minimum of 7,500 points. Points are earned by participating in various stewardship fundraisers. Families may also choose to “buy” points. Families may use any combination of stewardship fundraisers to reach the minimum requirement.


There are a variety of ways to earn Stewardship Points. Below is a chart of the current fundraising options available as well as the cash option to purchase points.



Scrip Gift Cards

1 point per $1 spent
30 points for buying a $30 Scrip Gift Card

Kroger Community Rewards

25 points per $1 Kroger Contribution*
500 points for a $20 Kroger Contribution

Magazine Sale

10 points per $1 spent
180 points for selling an $18 subscription

365 Lotto
To check winning tickets, click here.

10 points per $1 spent
200 points for each $20 ticket sold

Trivia Night (pre-sale tickets only)

10 points per $1 spent
200 points for each $20 ticket sold


25 points per $1 spent
1,250 points “purchased” for $50

*The amount of Kroger’s Contribution is based on a percentage of your total eligible purchases.

Scrip Cards.

Scrips are gift cards to almost any retailer or restaurant! The scrips (or gift cards) must be purchased through the school and used at the specific merchant for which they are purchased. The purchaser receives a gift card for the full amount of the purchase price and the school receives a percentage from the vendor. A family can earn stewardship points for routine spending that is incurred on a regular basis or earn points for purchasing clothing and Christmas presents. There are both local and national vendors who participate. You can go to the Scrip website at to find a detailed vendor list and even purchase cards directly online (Request Enrollment Code)! If you’d rather send your order into the school, click to download the order form.

Scrip Order Form
Gift Cards Kept In Stock

Contact the St. John XXIII Scrip Coordinator, Terri Mulhall, at 424-1196 ext. 17 or

Kroger Community Rewards.

Kroger Community Rewards is a program established by Kroger to donate to local non-profit organizations. Individuals register their Kroger Plus Card to designate St. John XXIII as their non-profit organization. Kroger bases its contributions (rebates) to St. John XXIII on the amount of qualified spending done with those Kroger Plus Cards and sends St. John XXIII a check each quarter.

Magazine Sales.

Our yearly magazine sale is held each September, but orders can be placed for new subscriptions and renewals throughout the school year! The school receives a percentage of the purchase price of each magazine subscription. You can setup an online account to sell magazine’s for St. John XXIII by visiting and using the School ID w02811.

365 Lotto.

The 365 Lotto is a raffle where a winning ticket is drawn each day of the year. All ticket holders have 365 chances to win because each winning ticket is returned to the hopper after each drawing. 365 Lotto tickets are available in November of each year and are sent home with students. The school receives a percentage of the ticket price.

Trivia Night.

Trivia Night is a social event where teams of eight to ten compete in seven rounds of general trivia for prizes. The event also includes a major raffle, a silent auction, and basket raffles. Trivia Nights takes place in the spring each year.

Cash – “Buying” Points.

If you’d prefer not to participate in the fundraisers or if you don’t earn 7,500 points throughout the year you can purchase points to make up the difference. To purchase points, send in a check to the school with a note indicating that the payment is for purchasing Stewardship points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recruit family and friends. They can purchase Scrips and register their Kroger Plus Cards, and you can get the points. Since many of the Scrip vendors are national, you can even recruit out-of-towners to help.
All fundraising participation will be centrally tracked at school. An individual report will be sent home quarterly to each family.
All points must be earned by April 30th of each school year.
No, points do not carry over from year to year.
Stewardship points are earned between May 1 and April 30 each year. For example:

Stewardship points for the 2015-2016 school year can be earned from May 1, 2015 until April 30, 2016.

Stewardship points for the 2016-2017 school year can be earned from May 1, 2016 until April 30, 2017.