Our Kindergarten through eighth grade students are immersed in a rigorous high school preparatory curriculum that emphasizes Catholic values, character development and leadership. The challenging core academic program is enriched by K-8 instruction in Spanish, the fine arts, technology and physical education. Grades four through eight have the opportunity to test into the gifted and talented program for literature and science, and high-school certified math teachers offer high school algebra and geometry credit courses. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum, based upon current classroom themes. Technology standards are based on Ohio’s Learning Standards for Technology.

Additionally, trained, certified intervention specialists and on-staff tutors offer extra help for those who need it.

Curriculum Enrichment.

St. John XXIII Catholic School offers areas of enrichment in and out of the classroom.

  • Math classes are leveled to offer Algebra I and Geometry for advanced students
  • Gifted Program in Language Arts and Science
  • K-8 Spanish
  • Music Education
  • 5-8 Concert Band
  • Science Lab
  • Power of the Pen writing competition
  • Physical Education Program
  • St. John XXIII Performing Arts
  • After school enrichment classes


Below are a few highlights of the St. John XXIII Catholic School curriculum, divided by Preschool, Primary, Intermediate and Junior High grade levels:

Preschool (3 & 4 Year olds)

The academic program at St. John XXIII begins in the preschool, where certified teachers administer a state-accredited early childhood education program to three to five year-olds. Young learners are afforded all of the same amenities as the upper grades, including access to multiple forms of technology, the library, and the playgrounds. Three-year old classes meet twice a week; pre-kindergarten classes provide families three options: a three-day morning class, a three-day afternoon class, or a five-day morning class. The daily program consists of:

  • Learning centers – math, language, science and social studies
  • Group activities – songs, games, discussions, poems, guest speakers, etc.
  • Story time
  • Large muscle activity – either in the gym or outside on the playground
  • Snack – Healthy daily snacks are provided to all students
  • All time spent will be educational time – There is no nap time in the preschool program
  • Computer Lab and iPad time
  • Preschool students also participate in school activities that are age appropriate and take place during preschool time.

Primary (K-2)

  • Our small class sizes average 20 students and provide for extra individualized attention.
  • An introduction to Spanish language, technology, music and the arts begins in kindergarten and progresses through grade 8.
  • St. John XXIII uses IOWA standardized testing program in grades 2-7. This includes CogAT (cognitive aptitudes test) in grades 2 & 5.
  • The Academic Expectations follow along State of Ohio common core standards.
  • Daily religious instruction.
  • Weekly Discipleship focus.
  • Each class is expected to lead at least two all-school Masses each year.
  • Second grade sacramental preparation for  First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
  • Basic science and social studies concepts introduced in Second grade.

Intermediate (3-5)

  • Students alternate for classes between teachers beginning in grade 4, allowing more specialization of subject teaching.
  • Continuation of Spanish development.
  • Fine Arts including Music and Art classes.
  • Extracurricular Fine Arts opportunities: choir and art club.
  • Band class available in grade 5
  • Touch typing introduced at beginning of third grade and developed through grade 8.
  • Research skills in technology introduced.
  • Opportunity for students to advance to higher level math group.
  • St. John XXIII uses IOWA standardized testing program in grades 2-7. This includes CogAT (cognitive aptitudes test) in grades 2 & 5.
  • Academic Expectations follow Archdiocesan Standards
  • Daily religious instruction- begin Community Service.
  • Weekly Discipleship focus.
  • Each class is expected to lead at least two all-school Masses each year.
  • More in-depth study of Science and Social Studies.

Junior High (6-8)

  • Advanced/Accelerated Math Classes.
  • One to One Laptop Initiative
  • More in depth Spanish Language understanding.
  • Deeper understanding of use of technology, including proper digital citizenship.
  • Students share their work at art shows, and perform at concerts and music competitions.
  • St. John XXIII uses IOWA standardized testing program in grades 2-7.
  • 8th grade students prepare for and take HSPT(high school placement test) and ACRE(religious education test).
  • Students continue to develop written and oral language skills.
  • Student organization and time management are refined in preparation for high school.
  • Academic Expectations follow Archdiocesan Standards.
  • Daily religious instruction, with added emphasis on Community Service.
  • Preparation for the Rite of Enrollment and the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Extracurricular leadership opportunities.
  • Each class is expected to lead at least one all-school Mass each year.
  • Science emphasis on biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Social Studies focuses on U.S. history, U.S. Government, and economic principles.